Services - One-to-one Lessons

Would you like your horse to be more responsive and relaxed in general handling, schooling, hacking and competing?

Lessons comprise taking the time to consider the way we approach situations with our horses. Anna aims to help you work with your horse or pony’s mind to preserve their willingness, thereby working towards maintaining a horse that is simultaneously responsive and has a relaxed state of mind combined with softness in their body.

Do you want to improve your riding?

People who have ridden for years say they have gained a greater insight into the correct way that a horse should move. Anna takes the time to explain how subtle changes in the rider influences a horse's response. Riders report this gives them greater clarity and improved results.

Have you ever lost your nerve around horses or when riding?

Anna also works along side people who wish to regain their confidence, providing a relaxed and fun learning environment and her patient teaching style greatly benefits both the human and the horse. You will learn how to read and respond to the horse’s behaviour. By developing leadership qualities, establishing consistent boundaries and learning how to reassure your horse, can build your confidence as you see how you are making a difference.

Anna offers one to one tuition on your horse at your facility. She offers a discounted rate if she teaches more than one person at the same yard.