Anna runs a number of well attended clinics in the West Country and now has started travelling around the UK helping people with their horses. With her busy work schedule in Devon she wanted to somehow reach out to requests by people further a field. The easiest way to do this is to call the day a clinic, meaning that Anna travels to one chosen venue in each county of the UK, where like-minded riders and spectators can enjoy a day or two of learning together.


Anna has observed a variety of clinic styles by other trainers and she feels that people find most benefit from one-to-one tuition. Every rider has specific questions and desired outcomes and every horse needs to be approached as an individual. With this in mind, clinic days consist of between 6-8 riders, each having at least an hour of one-to-one time with Anna while she wears a microphone in order to involve spectators. Clinics are a sensible price for participants due to the nature of riders gathering at one venue.


Clinic's local to Anna are most often attended by riders who have worked with Anna for a significant period of time. This means that the format for local clinics are sometimes group tuition. This is possible because each participant already has an understanding of how to improve their horse, the day is about deepening knowledge in general.


Clinics are informative and kind. Says Anna, "At my clinics we all respect each other including the horses. People are honest about the advice they are looking for and in return both the spectators and myself are kind in their presence. The difficult thing about learning, is that it's always about something we don't know! In order to learn we have to be honest and in return l do all I can to help that person and horse to improve."


Please see the Events page for clinics in your area. If Anna hasn't yet reached your neck of the woods, please go to the contact page and enquire about arranging a clinic near you.


"I look forward to meeting you, by travelling to your area soon". Anna.

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