2018 Devon Clinic Schedule  


Sunday 12th August - Tuition on the Trail - Dartmoor, Moretonhampstead - 10am - 4pm


Enjoy a Sunday ride on Dartmoor with a group of like-minded riders, and myself on horseback, to give you tuition on the trail. We'll start in a flat field discussing ways to deal with napping and being unable to ride behind, in front or go away from others. We'll then take this knowledge out onto the moor. I'll talk you through how to school using bushes, ditches, a hedge and the road. After lunch we'll head out onto the moor for a second time to see what improvements each horse has made. £80 rider places. Event unsuitable for spectators.


Sunday 9th September - Liberty Clinic - The Crescent, Cullompton - 9.30am - 5.30pm


An hour of one-to-one tuition for each horse and handler in the round pen. If done correctly liberty work is very beneficial, including being an opportunity to enhance the bond with your horse. I am looking forward to talking you through the advantages and common mistakes as we observe all six horses, discussing how differently each of them present and how we need to change our approach to help each horse gain clarity. An informative day for spectators, a wonderful opportunity to learn a variety of skills which you can use at home in your stable or yard area, to suit a variety of horses. £65 per participant including a stable for the day and use of all facilities. £25 spectator.


If you have any questions or are interested in hosting an Anna Bonnage Horsemanship Clinic

please contact my assistant Mariann on 07743 160149 or email horsemanship@annabonnage.com